It’s just five minutes but when was it that we put a time limit on God or how He moves? So maybe, just maybe, He will use our five minutes of honest, raw words and use them to speak life and encouragement to others.

That’s where we land with Five Minute Friday. We set the timer, look at the prompt, and write our hearts out until the time ends. And then we click publish and watch His words through us speak and occasionally spread like wildfire in our very own soul.

Welcome. Welcome in, welcome back, and here we go!


Break the lock. His Word is the key to your battle.

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In the first few seconds of the day a battle wages within me and the following 86397 seconds of the day are no different.

You wouldn’t know it because I look just like anyone else. I carry a story with me and I have my scars, both physical and emotional.

I can smile and laugh and it’s all true and genuine. I’ve learned to choose joy despite the circumstances around me, because it’s truly a choice, the joy level of our soul.

But every day there’s a war inside of me and when I’m really honest with myself, it’s a fight that I lose too often.

Almost two months ago I wrote on “truth” – my last Five Minute Friday of 2013.

It doesn’t matter who I’ve been or who I am or what will come because I am found in Him – and that makes me His daughter, His beloved. Storms will come, waters will rise and the boat is going to rock.


Seasons change but He remains.


The best way to get rid of the lies is to replace them with truth.


When the words sting and my heart shakes I am not a captive to the lies, I am freed when I run to the Truth.

And I’m here once again, fighting daily to believe that I am something special. Fighting to trust and believe that He has fashioned me into a beautiful, wonderful creation.

It’s easier to believe the lies, isn’t it? To hear the whispers that turn into shouts and to scream with them instead of fight against them.

I can list them all out here, the things I believe about myself. I’m not proud of how long it would be.

But I’ve made a list of sorts and across from each lie I’ve written the truth with the verse(s) it comes from. Because more than any lie, I believe He is true and He is truth. So if He says it, it must be.

So I fight.

Daily. Hourly. Sometimes minute by minute.

This, tonight, it is for you but it is just as much for me. To remember, to look back at when I don’t know which way is up or down, left or right, lie or truth.

His Word is the key. Break the lock. Don’t be chained in, held down by lies.

His Word will stand firm. Why do I sit on shifting sand when there is a sure, solid rock right next to me?

For us, tonight, just these simple words.

You are more, because you are His. You are more than the expectations placed on you, more than the the goals that seem unattainable. You are capable of reaching far and wide because you are planted firmly in He whose roots reach out further and wider than you can imagine. There is nothing ordinary about you. You are brave in all your little ways – and those little things, love, they add up to something immeasurably more than you could ask or imagine. Because He is. He is more. And you are His.