I’ve been single for just shy of twenty-one years and three months.

I don’t regret a single day of it. I love the story He’s writing, but sometimes I wonder when the love story part of my story is going to, well, begin.

But then I’m reminded that Valentine’s Day is simply just a day and the story of my life is a Love story, not a love story.

This one, it’s for all the girls. Single, married, divorced, everybody. This is His love letter to your heart on a day when you couldn’t possibly forget love if you tried. But let’s not forget Love.


On Valentine’s Day, I know some will be left feeling like this isn’t the chapter they thought they’d be in right now. It’s not so much about the day but about what the day so often symbolizes. I want to offer you a different perspective this year.

We can get sucked into the chocolate, teddy bears, cards and balloons, or we can choose to think about love. Love for your friend, your boyfriend, your fiancé, your husband, God, and maybe a friend – and maybe it’s time to love yourself.

You know, Love Himself created you and your story.

Love came into our world, walked our pages, and then died so that the ending of our story could turn out differently.

You are loved beyond any measure you could comprehend. The Great Author has chosen each word of your story and He is writing a masterpiece.

The thing is, some times it’s hard to see The End when we’re stuck in a chapter of heartache. Some times we can’t see the importance of our story among the ordinary of our day-to-day. Some times we would rather flip back a few pages to the starred and underlined happy times or fast forward to the next chapter, hoping it will be better.

God makes no mistakes. Your story is a unique, beautiful work of art. He is writing each chapter and the Great Author never uses a pencil. He has no need to erase; He knows exactly what He’s doing.

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