If you chase your dreams in a public setting, there’s the chance that you might fail.

And if this dream requires votes and your platform is small and your voice is quiet, it’s hard to ask for help and easy to sit with your head in your hands and feel really tiny.

Really, really tiny.

Sometimes going after what feels big can make you feel so small.

I rallied and spoke up and gave it my very best. I prayed and asked and gave it over, placing it in His hands. And then I slowed down because it was too far gone.

My voice is small and my story is different but if I believe every story matters then yeah, mine has to, too.

I thought maybe… just maybe… but it was a no and so I slowed, screeching to a halt.

When you open yourself vulnerable to the world and someone else is chosen, better, more popular, prettier, whathaveyou, well it can straight up feel like a dodgeball contest and you’re the last one picked.


You can feel like a big heap of nothing when nothing could be further from the truth.

Because every story matters and every voice, no matter the decimal level, has a message to share.

We aren’t called to platforms or podiums, we are called to people.

To love people. To befriend people. To be people who are human and messy and ordinary and simply complex.

It’s hard to feel like nothing when the words splash the page and my favorite story ever told tells of how nothing is impossible for God.

It’s hard to feel like nothing when I sit and realize my times are in His hands and He has other plans.

The ground is level at the foot of the cross and we bring nothing to the table that is worth a glance in our direction, nothing but our very selves…

…and He looks and He loves. Every bit of us. Every morsel and fiber and inch on our waistline.

He loves it all.

If it’s a game of all or nothing, He’ll take it all.

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