The paper wasn’t in my hands for even three seconds before I was crying.

I had been opening the mailbox for days, holding my breath in anticipation, and then on an ordinary day it appeared.

Hand-lettered and written with me in mind.

The words His, the art hers, and the verse a miracle just for me.




I’ve been at this thing for what feels like a lifetime.

The behind-the-scenes of this little blog shows hundreds of posts published and even more hidden in drafts, but the words show my heart.

Spilled out in black type, sprawled across the computer screen, is my heart and my passion, my dreams and my ache.

In the journey of this grand adventure I have met the most amazing people and I am privileged to call them my friends. I’m one of those crazy people that have declared it true – blog friends are real life friends, even when we haven’t hugged skin or met for coffee.

You are my people.

It’s absolutely crazy to care so much for people you’ve never met in the flesh – but I do. Still, though, I have looked and searched and waited for someone in this online world my age, experiencing the stage of life that I’m in.

In April (in)courage announced nine new contributors, one of them named Aliza Latta.

From her first (in)courage post, I knew I was going to like her so big. She is honest, genuine, and spills encouragement and love.

She’s funny, generous, and beautiful. And y’all – oh my is she talented. Not only can Aliza write, she can draw. And draw doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Aliza makes art.



This beautiful friend of mine is part of Generation Y. We are Generation Y. And together, we are better; together we are stronger.

I haven’t told her so, but finding her words in this big online world have given *me* hope. I read and read and soak it in, soak it up, and always walk away thinking:

Yes. This. I understand. She is with me. This is my generation. Finally, another to sound the gong and call us to all rise up, speak up, and let our one life and one story change this generation’s song.

And to no one’s surprise at all, we are beginning to find commonalities between us. Her love for Rwanda and mine for Haiti. A common love obsession with Wicked. Even a passion for the girls of our generation and the end of the thigh gap problem.

Yeah – we both went there. She’s sounding the call that we are sick and tired of being the thigh gap generation, and I am clanging those cymbals saying yeah, we’ve got beauty all wrong and no label or tag size or touching thighs can label who we are or determine our worth.

Generation Y. The #WeAreEnough generation.

So we’re choosing brave together in our words, in the stories that God has given us. We’re telling them in the hope that others will see His faithfulness – even when the words are jumbled and the stories messy.


Last week I opened my mailbox to a hand-lettered print from this beautiful friend of mine and I worked hard to wipe the tears before they hit the paper.

And today I am happy-dancing as I share that she has opened a shop – the Choose Brave shop – where she is now offering her lovely prints.

Your walls need her art.



From now until Friday at midnight, Aliza is so kindly offering a special discount to all It Just Takes One readers!

Use code everystorymatters25 to receive 25% off your entire order, marking many of her prints down to $7.50! I can’t even explain what a great deal this is!

Would you so kindly offer a welcome to Aliza in the comments and then scurry off to shop and support her artwork?

Happy shopping, friends!