Maybe you’ve seen the hashtag and wondered what in the world everybody was talking about?

Maybe all those Instagram pictures of cards have made you stop and wonder and then wish someone wrote you happy mail?

Yeah, we got sick of all the junk mail, too.

Allow me to introduce you to something that began in a Twitter party and is gearing up for Round Three:

Five Minute Friday Snail Mail also known as #fmfpartysnailmail.

This is the place where we write one lady a kind, encouraging note each week. And we receive one each week, too!

This is the place where we use our words for good.

This is the place where something happy shows up in our mailbox.

This is the place where community is built and we take relationships from the computer to the real life mailbox.

Click HERE to sign up for Round Three!


cards and letters

So, how does it work?

All the details can be found on my spiffy new #fmfpartysnailmail page, right up there at the top of my blog.

Interested in the short version? Well here ya go, friend:

Each round lasts for about 7-8 weeks, depending on how many women sign up. Dates for Round Three can be found here. 49 women signed up and participated in Round Two and we are expecting about the same number this time. After completing the short form, I will place you on a list.

The lists are not random! In order to best promote meeting new friends, I look at previous lists and mix them up. The goal is that each list has 3-4 women who have participated before and 3-4 new friends!

You’ll receive a list and then each week will write a short note to one woman on your list. Once you’re signed up, you will receive information on how to know who to write each week. It’s easy-peasy, I promise!

Each week you’ll write one card and receive one card. The final step is to keep checking your mailbox for the goodness that will arrive each week!

Here’s the thing: We all use our words in conversations and blog posts and tweets every day. We’re already spending them somewhere, but there are times we each need a pick-me-up. We can use our words – our written words – for good.

It takes no more than five minutes to write a card. I typically pray over the card, include a word of encouragement, and select a verse to include inside. It’s a small way of building community, but these small steps have done big things.

But don’t take my word for it – below you’ll find comments from other woman who have participated in #fmfpartysnailmail (and more comments can be found on the #fmfpartysnailmail page).

Knowing someone thought of me to send just a quick note in the mail makes all the difference! -Sarah Knepper

I loved getting cards with Bible verses on them! I posted them in my kitchen as a way to memorize more of God’s Word. -Kim Adam

There’s something holy about hand-writing words of encouragement that, even though it may be what you’d toe in a comment box or something online, creates a certain type of bond with that person. Even though that person may or may not ever interact with you online, there’s that one moment of connection in the reading and writing of those hand-crafted notes. -Amy Krance-Wendt

I loved getting to know the women a little better through the letters. I loved the increased personal connection I felt. I felt even more connections to the community by doing this. -Rebekah Ellis

The love and encouragement that arrived weekly in my mail box, a lot of times those letters were God-timed with words that I really needed to hear! -Tonya Salmons

Are you ready to sign up? Girl, just go ahead and click over HERE. We’re ready with open arms and blank notecards ready to be filled.

I can’t promise there will be a Round Four, but as long as you lovelies want to continue this I will keep on making spreadsheets and documents and sending out emails of lists.

This began in a tweet and look at what God has done! He has been all over this and has moved through it. I’ll be the very first to stand up and say that I never saw the dream of community coming to my mail box, but I’m so glad it did – and that it does every week.

The letters always show up right on time. I have no explanation for it but God. There are countless tweets of women apologizing for letters going out a day or two late and always – every single time – the woman receiving the letter responds that it arrived exactly when she needed it.

God can use something as small as a hand-written note.

He can and He does.


#fmfpartysnailmail Instagram pictures

*There are multiple new and super exciting things coming to #fmfpartysnailmail with Round Three. Think link-ups, devotions, and a big surprise for a special someone we all love. More information can be found on the #fmfpartysnailmail page. I can’t wait to see how God continues to grow this community!*

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Collage pictures used with permission from Andi GouldRebekah Ellis, Karrilee Aggett, and Amy Boyd.