Every Life Tells A Story

The choice is yours.

What’s it going to be?

Every day is a line of the story you’re living, every post a reflection of the heart behind the words.

It’s easy to hide behind a screen and tap out the words that make life grand and the ordinary look a little more extraordinary. In a world of filtered lives and scheduled words, it takes time to search out the truth and see behind the mask.

But we can choose to let it go.

Conceal, don’t feel, right?

Where has that ever gotten anyone? Behind icy bars and far from real community? Yeah. That sounds about right.

It’s easier to be the one running when you’re usually the one left behind.

It’s harder to take off the mask and risk all scared and fingers trembling.

It’s braver to post what’s real even when it doesn’t feel beautiful or complete.

The truth is, all of that ordinary is extraordinary. But the second we call it boring or simple or “just” anything, the extra slips away and the mask slips on.

You’re carrying a message with every breath of your being. It can come from your mind or your heart and that’s something only you can decide.

But you can’t decide whether you carry a message or not. You simply do. It’s who you are.

Lead from your mind, maybe. Love from your heart, always.

Choose to stay. Choose to try. Choose to love.

You’re already a messenger.

You’re going to leave a message. What do you want it to say?


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