I’m really bad with posting Sunday Song on, ahem, Sunday.

I know.

And not that you want an excuse…but I’m going to give one anyway, because I’m really good at making them up.

I like to procrastinate. AKA I wait until the last minute. If I made ANY money off this blog, that would be a problem. But seeing as I don’t make even one cent from this, well…who cares. I mean, I do…but sometimes life just takes over.

Speaking of life taking over, I really wanna tell you all about this past week! :D

I have some good news and some bad news – but the good totally outweighs the bad! Yay!

And since I like lists, you’re getting it in list form. You’re welcome.

1. You know that 45 minute speech that I was nervous about? The one that got postponed to who-knows-what-day? I gave it this past Wednesday at 9:00AM. I was a little nervous (and tired because I stayed up until 2:00AM working on it), but was able to get through it just fine. Anywho, I got a 100 on it! Yay! So awesome.

2. In my Digital Graphics class, I worked on a project for about a month. I got my grade back (on Wednesday) and I received a 100 on my project!

3. Also on Wednesday, I found out that I got a 95 on another big project in Digital Graphics!

4. On Monday I had a HUGE test in Digital Graphics. We only have three tests in there for the whole semester, so each one is huge. I seriously thought I bombed the test. I am an ‘A’ student. Don’t believe me? I was bummed when I got a 99 in one of my English classes. So bummed that I asked the teacher if I could do extra to make it a 100 for the year.

I never said I wasn’t insane.

So I take this big test and I’m sitting there about to cry. I figured, at best, I would get a high ‘B.’ I actually said to someone, “I’ll be happy if I get a high ‘B’…”

On Wednesday, I got my grade back.

92. Yes!!! I was so happy with that! I guess my teacher graded them a different way than normal… *happy sigh*

Obviously Wednesday awesome(!)

Then Thursday came and I spent ALL DAY throwing up. Again.*

*Sidenote: I finally went to the doctor for it today. Now I get to go have blood work done. Oh joy.

Yep, it came back after only one week. Which is not good at all…but hopefully my blood work will show what’s wrong with me and I’ll be able to get treatment.

Then Friday came and I was just tired…throwing up all day always makes me tired the next day. I was so thankful to not have class.

On Sunday I went to service for Easter at my church…hope you all had a great day celebrating!