Today I am posting over on this blog! Crayon Wrangler was looking for people to guest post, so I volunteered. :)

Here’s a little peek at what I wrote:

I like quotes.

They’re on my Facebook Info page, on a quote thread I started in a community that I frequent, and I like them enough to include that little piece of information in my About Me. I even have a quote book.

Quotes can be sad, inspiring, powerful, moving, funny, or a combination of all of the above.

What do you say? Would you be proud of the words that come out of your mouth if you were being quoted? Would you be proud of your blog posts if you stopped and thought about the impact your words could have around the world…if someone were to quote your post?

And what do you think about? Because, more often than not, what you think becomes what you say.

“Be careful what you think, it will become what you say. Be careful what you say, it will become what you do. Be careful what you do, it will become a habit. Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character. Your character is everything.” (author unknown)

Head on over here to finish reading! :)