Here’s the deal. Five Minute Friday. You go find the little prompt at the wonderful Lisa-Jo’s blog, set the timer and write for five minutes, and then just stop. Where you are, no edits, just publish raw words.


I thought I was brave when I decided to go to college 12 hours away from my family. I would be on my own, independent, and learning how to grow and fend for myself. That seemed pretty brave to my high school mind.

Then there was the time I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Suddenly everyone else thought I was brave because I went through brain surgery. I wasn’t scared and simply pointed to Him, so I guess that could appear brave – but I just felt peace, though, and how is that true bravery? He carried, I followed.

I’ve been learning recently what real community is. Sharing our heart Stories and not leaving out the hurt is bravery. Loving eachother despite the past is bravery. Chasing after dreams He’s planted in our hearts, while not knowing where each turn is taking us, that’s bravery.

Transparency is bravery, and bravery is being real.


So often I associate being brave with big things. You know, people who stand up and speak in front of thousands, those that live in hard places so that His name will be known, and those that dream big and work hard until things like (in)RL come to fruition.

But y’all, bravery is when you get up and do the laundry, pack the lunches, and make dinner day after day.
Bravery is forgiving that friend who cut you down and hurt your heart.
Bravery is forgetting the ever-growing To Do List and saying yes when a friend needs to talk.
Bravery is writing those words, raw and unscripted.

You are brave in all your glorious little things. Dreamchaser, laundry folder, carpooler, artist, writer, encourager.

You are brave when you take the mask off and choose to sit in the present.

You are brave when you can accept that it might be true. Yes, you. Brave.