If we’re being honest here, really honest, then I think we would all agree that we struggle with insecurity in some form.

It may be how you look and the clothes you wear, who has what and what you don’t have, or how that tweet with words you thought were so beautiful didn’t get even one single reply.

Maybe you’ve gone through some really hard things and are left feeling unsure of yourself.

Speaking from my own story, when my friends walked away I was more than alone and confused. It wasn’t until later that I realized I was also insecure. I knew I was secure in God, held firmly in His hand, yet I couldn’t wrap my mind around so many questions. I wondered what was wrong with me that they would leave.

SoLongInsecurityBookA book came out a while ago by Beth Moore titled So Long, Insecurity: You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us and many women read it. I never ended up buying the book, but then Tyndale offered to let me review So Long, Insecurity Teen Edition and I jumped at the chance! I’m not a teen, but I knew there would be truths inside that would speak to any age.

The book has eight chapters divided into categories where girls may feel insecure. They include everything from media hype to fashion to gifts and talents.

Because it’s geared towards teens, there are also chapters titled Boys, Boys, Boys and Popularity – though those aren’t solely teen-related categories.

Each chapter has a Q&A section with Beth (or well-known teens), quizzes and polls, and absolutely beautiful pictures. I was extremely impressed with how much it seemed like a magazine instead of a book.

My favorite part of the entire book (magazine, really) was that at the end of each chapter Beth wrote about a girl from the Bible who struggled with that particular insecurity. In briefly sharing their stories, each women seemed real and completely relatable.

Overall I felt like it was an easy, light read filled with important truths for teens. I would suggest buying it for the teen girls in your life, but would also suggest buying the full book for older women. Personally, it all felt too young for me – but I would feel 100% comfortable giving it to a younger girl still in middle or high school.




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