We can breathe easy on Friday because we know Sunday is coming and all will be well.

But on that long-ago Saturday? When the world was dark and tears never stopped flowing, mixing with the blood poured? As they longed to go to the tomb but weren’t able, as they gathered together in upper rooms – confused and some doubting, full of pain and grief spilled over.

They didn’t realize. They didn’t remember the promise. They couldn’t see Sunday was coming.

He chose to take on what we beg to take off. He welcomed what we wail over.

All so we could celebrate together.


Sunday healed what Friday broke and Saturday wept over.

Sunday redeemed what Friday lost and Saturday couldn’t see past.

But they didn’t see Sunday; they were living in Saturday.

To them, Sunday would be yet another day with a dead Savior – and what kind of Savior is that?

We live in Saturday so often, don’t we?

We live in this broken, painful, confusing world. Chaos is all around us and so many things can fall apart. Sickness, pain, broken hearts, death. All of it, Saturday.

We can’t see Sunday down the road. There’s no hope amidst all our anger and hurt.

Nothing is impossible. Every chain is breakable. #easter

But in our waiting, the Plan continues. We don’t see the shift, we don’t realize how much is changing in the heavenlies. When time stood still and the Messiah breathed one last breath, the book didn’t end – a page simply turned.

For them, Good Friday was Bad Friday. Saturday was Bad Saturday. They woke up to Bad Sunday but then the glorious Savior King rose. He conquered the grave and defied death.

He loved you in your Friday of yesterday, in your darkness and pain. He holds you in the confusion and silence of Saturday. And love, He is coming for you on Sunday. Hold on. He will not delay. His timing is perfect, His promises true. He will come through.

Because nothing is impossible, every chain is breakable, and all of heaven was just practicing their counting.

3.. 2.. 1.

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Adapted from the posts Living In A Season of Saturday and The Grace of the Grave.