There’s this thing that happens when you keep on banging all the Internet pots and pans, screaming as loudly as you can that every story matters. Inevitably, you get to hear a lot of stories. And eventually, people start to peer out from behind their own computer screens and share their own wonderings, their own doubts.

There’s nothing interesting about my story.

I don’t have any ‘big’ moments to share.

Everything about me is… ordinary.

I’m just a… mom, student, daughter, employee…

And yet each of those things, every title we pin to our name, tells a story. When you attempt to minimize who you are as “just” anything, you’re actually showing me right there that you’ve got a story.

Every story matters... and you are a walking story.

You have the capability of impacting every single person you meet – every single day. You are a walking story, coming face-to-face with other walking stories, and with every encounter we get to jot a new line in the book.

No story reads just the same, but every story has weight. So yeah, your story matters. {click to tweet}

Don’t believe me? Here. Let me introduce you to a few of my favorite stories. They all have unique voices, different chapters, and a specific story their lives have been designed to tell.

Holley Gerth

She’s the Queen of Encouragement, no doubt about it. And I think one of my favorite things about each word she writes is that she isn’t preaching or teaching, she’s living and learning and then sharing. She and her husband Mark recently adopted their 21-year-old daughter Lovelle after a challenging journey of trying to start a family. And it’s funny, in that ironic way, because some could say the chapters of her story got all out of order, but the reality is they’re perfectly lined up for a story that has encouraged thousands of women to take the next step, trust His plan, and encourage a friend along the way.

Emily Freeman

She was the stereotypical good girl. In fact, she wrote a book about it. And then Emily found grace… not just for others, but for herself. The way she sees the world – and then the way she writes of what she sees – stirs up a deep exhale and then brings both hope and courage to so many women every day. It takes a unique voice to call people to (the good kind of) smallness, and yet that is what Emily’s story does. She lives like a bench, open and available and unobtrusive, yet welcoming, there whenever you need a quiet place to reflect.

Annie Downs Blog

This girl is a trailblazer. She’s a loud-laugher and crazy about her people. When you can read a story from afar and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that someone loves their people really well? That is something special. Annie’s story hasn’t gone how she expected (or wanted), either. I highly doubt she planned to write about being 35 and single. But she did. She continuously opens her story up so that others can see that they aren’t alone on the journey. By inviting others into her honest and vulnerable story, she’s changing how people live their own stories.

Lisa-Jo Baker Blog

No doubt about it, she’s a living story of reclaiming the ‘extra’ in your ordinary. Personally, I’m a long ways from being a mom… and yet I soak up every word this lady writes about motherhood because her story is about so much more. In the chaos of an ordinary day, in the holy of long-awaited hopes being fulfilled, and in the truths of a “this isn’t what I planned, but it’s so very good” story, she’s showing women what it means to show up for life each day and call it anything but ordinary.


She encourages in a way that will give you the courage to go out and live your own incredible story. And then she’ll push you to tell it, not worrying about what others think because you’re absolutely already 100% preapproved, loved no matter what. From a newsreporter to the wife of a farmer, she isn’t living a “typical story” (whatever that even is). But she’ll tell you herself – she wouldn’t write it any other way. I’m pretty sure anyone reading her story would happily agree that you can sum it up with these words – God’s got it.


This girl is a walking story of what it looks like to choose (and re-choose) friendship over and over again. She’s seen a lot of change and has often been the new girl, but each chapter has been different and each one has made her a better friend (don’t let her tell you otherwise). Flip through the pages of her story and I promise you’ll find a welcoming, hospitable friend to journey through life with. Because she knows that we may not know what the next season will hold, and so we best live well and love deeply in the one we’re in now.

I could open up countless books, flip through the pages of Deidra Riggs, Shannan Martin, Jen Hatmaker, Angie Smith, Jennie Allen and so many others that eventually my fingertips would become smooth and leathery from the endless turning.

Every story is different. Every story matters.

Your story matters.

Don’t let anyone – including yourself – tell you otherwise.

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