If Tuesdays weren’t already my favorite, they sure would be now.

{Also *praise hands* because I’m finally more comfortable — and kind of normal — on camera after way too many weeks.}

Getting to share “extra” gifts with you is just the best. If you’re just arriving to the party, every Tuesday I’m sharing a free printable, short video, and exclusive excerpt from my newly released book — Even If Not: Living, Loving, and Learning in the in Between. We’re over halfway through, but you can always catch up on all the posts here. If you want to grab a copy of the book and read along with these posts, it’s available over on Amazon.

People matter more than platforms. Relationships are more important than results.

Even If Not // chapter five: small & seen

Normally, I include a short excerpt from the chapter in this section of the Tuesday blog post.

However… today I have something more for you!

The day Even If Not released, I was extremely honored to be a guest at Jennifer Dukes Lee’s corner of the Internet. She invited me to share an excerpt from the book with her readers, and I shared a large piece of chapter five there.

Like, a lot of words from the chapter. So instead of giving you a small piece here, I’m pointing you her way so you can read about being small and seen and strawberries and a lesson that has changed my entire perspective on life.

For real.

Video & Free Print

You become what you behold. // free printable

“You become what you behold.”

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