Remember back when blogs were almost entirely random lists + good finds that you truly love? Basically, this is that. It’s a little different than what you’re used to around here, but it also feels like a snapshot of my right-now life: ordinary but good, beautiful but chaotic.

I have three things to share with you (if you don’t know about my health story, you may actually want to ) as well as several amazing books/great deals that expire tomorrow. So, you know, hop to it. (That is the worst spring-time pun, but I just can’t help myself. Why are these things funny to me? #Bless)

three things:

1. Last week, I had another MRI. To a small degree, this has become normal. But for a claustrophobic person who would really love to never face brain surgery again, these “normal” scans bring up a lot of memories while also offering another opportunity.

I shared this on Instagram a few hours before the scan:

In the middle of your mess God is writing your message. - Kaitlyn Bouchillon, Even If Not

“Today is MRI day and although all should be okay, it’s another opportunity to choose to say it again: “even if not.” I really truly do believe it: He doesn’t make mistakes, nothing takes Him by surprise, and He has no need for an eraser. You can call it history or you can call it His story. I wouldn’t have chosen my own storyline, but it keeps me on my knees and I wouldn’t trade it in for anything.”

And then, a few days later, I wrote and posted this:

We must make the choice to trust the One holding the pen, believing that He will heal and trusting Him even if not.

“We received my MRI results this week. I’ve never gone this long without scans, and it’s funny how that can mess with a person. But the thing about saying “even if not” is that no matter what the scans show, no matter the outcome, all is well and remains in His hands. It’s both a challenge and an invitation to say and believe. Even still, I’m grateful for these words ‘The scans were clear.'”

2. “Even If,” the new single from MercyMe, feels like . “I know You’re able and I know You can save through the fire with Your mighty hand. But even if You don’t, my hope is You alone. You’ve been faithful, You’ve been good all my days. Jesus, I will cling to You come what may.”

{And on a very different video-related note, please tell me you’ve seen James Corden as Belle from Beauty and the Beast? I may or may not have laugh-cried.}

3. A few months ago, I shared a blogging toolkit bundle with you. That was the first (and only) time I’ve shared that sort of resource here, but because I A) believed in the quality of the kit B) knew several of the authors/creators personally and C) truly thought it would be incredibly beneficial for all bloggers and creatives, it seemed like a good thing to mention!

Apparently several of you agreed, because you snatched that sucker up. It was only available for one week, but good news people… it’s back for 48 hours! The super-nice people at Ultimate Bundles brought it back for a flash sale — but once the sale ends at 11:59pm PST on April 4th, it’s gone for good.

62 amazing blogging ebooks and courses to help you share your story!

So here’s the deal. The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is worth over $3,600 (not including the bonuses, which are worth $1,350), is on sale for $97, and includes 62 courses/products/ebooks. These are my personal favorites:

The Knowtbook by Amy Lynn Andrews ($24.00), the Must-Have Guide to Blogging by Kayla Aimee ($17.00) the Productivity Guide by Ruth Soukup ($97.00), InstaValuable by Myquillyn Smith ($97.00), and free fonts from The Hungry JPEG ($30.00).

You can learn more here or by clicking on the image above. It’s not cheap, I know, but it’s well-worth the investment.

four amazing (and inspiring) books coming out on April 4th

four books:

All four of these books release on April 4th, which is like one big party of a release day. (You may recognize a few titles from my December post: 13 Can’t-Miss Books Coming in 2017.)

But here’s the deal, y’all. Each of these books has amazing preorder gifts that are only available through midnight on April 3rd. I wanted to put them all together here so you can see everything and preorder before the calendar flips to the 4th!

If you’re going to buy a book anyway, you might as well preorder and receive beautiful, free gifts!

1. Never Unfriended: The Secret to Finding & Keeping Lasting Friendships by Lisa-Jo Baker

This book, y’all. Can anyone not relate to the title? Here’s what I’ll say: By page 20, I already knew that I would absolutely 100% be reading it again. It’s a great book about a really hard topic, and I can’t think of one single woman who doesn’t desperately need the truths written in these pages.

This is one of my favorite quotes from the book. Because every story matters.

The shortest distance between strangers and friends is a shared story about our broken places.

If you preorder before April 4th, you get all of these amazing gifts! The clip frame + prints are worth $22 at DaySpring and the book is currently $9 on Amazon. This feels like a no brainer. {Buy the book here and then redeem your freebies here.}

Never Unfriended Preorder Gifts

2. One: Unity in a Divided World :: Deidra Riggs

Speaking of much-needed books, let’s talk about One. It’s about home, about unity, about loving much and loving well, about reconciliation and compassion and transformation.

It’s a book that every single one of us needs right about now, am I right? And if I had to choose anyone to write it, it would be Deidra Riggs. She not only talks the talk, she actually walks the walk. Deidra lives out the message of One.

Preorder gifts for One by Deidra Riggs

{Buy the book here and then redeem your freebies here.}

3. It’s Simply Tuesday: An Adult Coloring Book :: Emily P. Freeman and Jennifer Tucker

This is what Amazon says: “With meaningful quotes from Simply Tuesday as well as Scripture and gorgeous art by Jennifer Tucker, It’s Simply Tuesday encourages women to learn to breathe in a breathless world by slowing down in the midst of the everyday hustle.”

It's Simply Tuesday: An Adult Coloring Book

And this is what I say: Besides my own book, Simply Tuesday is the only book I personally own multiple copies of. At the risk of sounding ridiculous, reading those words from Emily changed the way I view the world and impacted how I think about ordinary life and small moments. I have highlighted and underlined and reread it to the point that when I sat down to write chapter five (small & seen) of , I couldn’t help but quote Emily. Sometimes no one can say a thing quite like she can.

And also, no one creates art quite like Jennifer Tucker. If you’ve read my book — or received the free gifts I send to subscribers — you might recognize her lovely style. The first print in my book (with a quote from chapter one) was created by Jenn!

So this pairing? It is gold. If you preorder the book from Jenn, she has a few fun gifts for you!

Preorder gifts for It's Simply Tuesday

4. Still Waiting: Hope for When God Doesn’t Give You What You Want :: Ann Swindell

I’m only 60 pages into this book, but if you find yourself waiting for healing, for change, for reconciliation or for an answer — I would say this book is for you. Ann weaves together her own story with the Biblical account of the Bleeding Woman (recorded in three of the Gospels), and although I’m only just beginning this book, I appreciate her honesty, vulnerability, and the message of hope on every page.

{Buy the book here and then redeem your freebies here.}

Still Waiting preorder gifts

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