Do you read more than one book at a time? Once upon a time I refused to start another book until finishing whatever I was currently reading… but now? Um, not so much.

I am always (ALWAYS) in the middle of multiple books. Which, as one might imagine, requires multiple bookmarks.

4 cute - and free - bookmarks

Although I have a freebies page that is available to anyone, I frequently send exclusive gifts to email subscribers. I recently asked subscribers what I could offer that would be a blessing… and in addition to printables and lock screens, bookmarks received a large number of votes.

Color me (very) surprised.

I’ve used Illustrated Faith Bible journaling tip-ins as bookmarks (the ones below are from the Rise Up kit), but I’ve never attempted to design a bookmark from scratch.

I use Illustrated Faith Bible journaling tip-ins as bookmarks.

But… I love my email subscribers + reading good words + graphic design… so I gave it a shot.

A few weeks ago I sent four (different) bookmarks to subscribers and they received a great response, so I’m happy to offer these four to you today! It appears that everything prints correctly and is sized properly, and I wanted to be sure of that before offering something new here. However, if you run into any trouble please email and let me know.

Without further ado, here are the bookmarks!

4 (totally free) cute bookmarks! Just download and print...


–> Click here to download a PDF of all four bookmarks. <–


(Don’t worry, my blog URL will not print with the PDF.)

If you want to bookmark this post for later (pun totally intended) or share it with your friends, please feel free to pin the “4 free bookmarks” image at the top of this post!

I hope you love the simple design + encouraging words, and if you use the bookmarks while reading at home, at the pool, on an airplane, wherever — please tag me on social media if you post a picture online. I’d really love to see! (I’m @kaitlyn_bouch on both Instagram and Twitter.)

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