Hello all! Well, I probably shouldn’t say all since there’s, well, one person reading this blog. And that one person? Yeah, it’s me. So I guess I should say ‘hello no one’ but then that just sounds sad. So I’ll stick with ‘hello all!’ My blog, my way. :)

That’s something you’ll come to realize…I talk to myself quite a bit.

So let’s start at the very beginning. It’s a very good place to start don’t you think? (Yes, I just made a reference to Sound Of Music :]) But where exactly is the beginning? When I was born? Wow. No thanks, I don’t have that much time on my hands to be writing. How about we start with the beginning of my friendship with blogs, yes? Ok then.

I’ve known what a blog was for years but I had never read one. Around a year ago I saw my mom reading a couple posts she had printed out from a blog. I decided to read the posts and quickly fell in love with the story. What story? The story of Audrey Caroline. The little baby’s mother, Angie, started a blog and even though Audrey isn’t physically here any more, the blog is still going strong, carrying on her legacy. Reading Angie’s posts made me laugh, cry, and somehow feel connected to people I had never met. My eyes were suddenly opened to the blogworld, and I became addicted!

I began to check her blog every day and, through her blog, I became connected with other blogs. When I say connected I mean I read the blogs every day. I don’t mean that the bloggers actually know me. I wish! Someday maybe…

Anywho, I now follow about eight blogs. I check them every day, some more than once. They encourage me, make me laugh, touch me, and inspire me to go deeper in my walk with Him. I love it.

So why am I blogging? Good question. I don’t know that I have much to say about well, many things. But I love to write and want so badly to make an impact on this world for Jesus. He’s given me things to say and I’m trying to believe they’re important enough to share. Raise your hand if you ever feel like you have something to say but either no one will listen or they’ll all think what you said isn’t important.

My hand is raised.

That’s sort of where I am right now. And I’ve decided that I will speak up and say what He calls me to say. Whether any one reads it or not.

But don’t worry, this blog won’t be serious all the time! I love to have fun and let loose just like everyone else. What should you expect to read on this blog? Well, a little of everything I think! Yes, I’m going to speak out on what I believe, and yes I will stand for Jesus and I will talk about Him and what He’s teaching me…but this blog will be about more than that. It’ll be about life and living it. Living it to the fullest. I will put pictures on here (I do, after all, love to take and edit pictures) and I’ll probably talk about some mundane things. Like, oh, I don’t know..reality shows! Because, yes, I watch them. I should probably feel ashamed…

I don’t.


So. That’s my friendship with blogging. I know, I ramble. That’s probably more about me and blogging than you ever cared to know. I apologize for wasting 3 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back. :) But I hope that you’ll come back and read my next post(s). And if not, it was very nice to meet you :)

P.S. here’s the link if you want to check out Angie’s blog!