I was looking forward to getting my Gen Psych test grade back (from the big test two weeks ago) this past Tuesday night. Alas. She still doesn’t have them done. Annoying, but since she’s my favorite teacher…I’ll let it slide. :)

I can’t remember if I told you all, but I haven’t been doing well this week (health wise). I passed out last Thursday, which I told you about. Then I went to a sweet sixteen party on Saturday night and felt really sick. I got major vertigo and it lasted for around forty-five minutes. That’s never ever happened to me before. I had to sit down at the party for the whole time I had vertigo – which sucked cause it was mainly a dancing party – until finally my mom was able to come pick me up.

The night before, Friday, I went to another sweet sixteen. I got there and had a good time! I played pool with some girls for about three hours and it was fun! I’m a pro at pool. Legit.

Not really, but we can pretend.

Right when I was about to head home (it’s about a thirty minute drive home, and it was about 10:10 at night), my old guy friends were playing pool and I suggested we all play. AKA them and us girls that had been playing earlier. A friend and I teamed up against the guys and WE TOOK THEM DOWN. WE DESTROYED THEM. THEY WERE DEMOLISHED. WE CAME, WE SAW, WE CONQUERED.

Oh yes. It doesn’t matter that they lost the first time because of a scratch on the break (first shot)*…we still won. Then we totally won the second time because, well, we did a great job. I made a few in….it was awesome!!!

Don’t I sound all pool-technical? You know you’re jealous.

But the best part was that it felt normal. Almost like old times.

Of course life went on and we’re back to the normal of now, which, as we’ve been over, sucks like heck.

But for a few minutes it was good. I’m trying to remember those few minutes. Maybe they’ll get me through.