I’m not having the best day. In fact, I’m not having a good day. I’ve gotten some things accomplished and I found out my SAT scores (!!!), but still…not a good day. I’m thinking over a lot right now. I’m really tired of waiting on God.
Let me explain, though. I will continue to wait and I know it’s some how for the best. But right now, I’m just tired. And what I’m tired of is the waiting (among other things). I want something amazing to just happen. I feel like I’ve waited long enough. Hope seems to dwindle and wane…but I’m still just waiting. For something. I don’t know what.
A miracle.
So while I want to talk about Jamaica and all that, I don’t want to put on a show. I want to be real, which means telling you how I’m feeling.
I’m tired.
But since you probably just want to hear about Jamaica, here are some pictures to tide you over.