I have so much to say! I feel like I’ve learned quite a bit through all this. I want to share it all here…just not now. Over time, I suppose.

A few updates: I’m home and still in pain…but the pain is less. Honestly, it hurts more to be at home…but I was able to rest this morning which is what really brought the pain down. I just got a shower (huge ordeal), so I’m pretty wiped out. And tense. But whatever. Nothing I’m not used to by now. And I’m glad that at least I was well enough to come home. EVERYONE seems to think home is better. So far, it’s not. But it’ll just take time.

It’s really hard to sleep. The scar is down the back of my head (by my neck) so I can’t really turn either way. Coughing and sneezing REALLY hurts, and I happen to have a fabulous cold.

But at least the scar in my mouth is almost gone. AKA Now I might be able to eat a little more. I eat about 1/4 of what I used to because I feel full after about three bites. Same with drinking….nothing tastes good.

I feel bored. Isn’t that strange? I mean, I’ve got a book to read and I’ve got plenty of blogs to catch up on…but none of it’s comfortable. The pain never stops.

I am walking better, though. Which is good. Can’t really bend down, and I can’t pick stuff up really. But oh well. That will come with time.

I just feel like complaining. I know, that’s a horrible thing to say. Especially because I’ve been given so much and have so many nice stories to share. I’m thankful, really I am.

And I get SO annoyed now when my family complains about petty stuff that doesn’t even matter. I just wanna yell at them, “Well I just had brain surgery and I hurt every waking moment of the day. Just breathing hurts. I can’t sleep well, I’m exhausted, and I have enough on my plate. So please just shut up. Now.”

But I can’t do that.

But oh, how I want to.

I need an attitude adjustment.

*Edited to add: My family isn’t trying to annoy me all the time with complaints. It’s just that, before, we complained quite a bit. Too much, that’s for sure. After all this, I’ve realized many things…one of them being that I have SO much to be thankful for. So anyone complaining about stupid stuff annoys me. Please don’t think I’m bashing my family, because I walk around complaining sometimes, too. Even after all this.*