Words aren’t coming. Ideas are are…but the words? Not so much. I have so many posts I want to write…so I’m planning and writing them. But they just don’t feel ready. Ready to be told, ready to share, ready for…I don’t know what.

I thought that, maybe, for today, we could go over some logistical stuff and get that out of the way. Explain it all. Clear the air.

You know, all the good stuff.

How about we start with comments? I LOVE comments. They make me happy and I smile when I see that I have a comment. I’ve mentioned before that every comment is published, but sometimes the comment system doesn’t notify my that a new comment has been posted. So, I’m ever so sorry if I don’t respond!!! I try to respond to them all.

Also, I would just like to say that your comments through everything have meant a lot to me. I’ve never gotten more comments from sweet people (that I may never meet in my life) in such a short amount of time. I’m in the process right now of reading through each comment again. I realize that some of you asked questions in the comments, and I will try to respond in some way. Feel free to email me any other questions you may have, but know that I read and care about every single comment…and I often respond back to you right in the comments. So come back and see my response. :)

Brain Tumor
When I first found out I had a brain tumor, I blogged about it. Simple as that. I blog about my life, and since my life was totally changing, it made complete sense that I blogged about the tumor. It makes total sense that I blog about life after…in the here and now, in the daily stuff. I like to write about the silly, the dumb, the pointless, the profound, and what I’m learning. I like to share it with others and I like to just get me out there. Put my words out there. That won’t change. Sure, I’m going to definitely keep you all updated about the tumor, how I’m doing now, what’s changed, etc. But this blog will not turn into a I Survived A Brain Tumor And Have Nothing Else To Say blog. Nothing is wrong with that…except that it’s my blog, and that blog title is not me.


Here’s some really basic information on following a blog. :)

Before the whole brain tumor issue, I had about 18 followers. I still remember when I got my first “follower.” I was so excited! Since then, I’ve obviously gained more, as you can see from my sidebar. I appreciate every single follower. Seriously.

I wish I had the time to read everyone’s blogs and comment on all of your posts…but I don’t. It makes me feel bad. But it sure makes me happy and it always always always makes me smile to see that I have a new follower. Some followers I know well and read their blogs daily. Some I’m getting to know slowly through emails, and some I don’t know at all. I want to know you all!

So many of you sweet friends have linked to me or mentioned me on your blog(s). Some have even put up the button Courtney made for me. If you’ve done so, will you please let me know? Comment on this post or shoot me an email so I’m aware. I wasn’t expecting such a nice response, and I want to personally thank you!

I love emails! I check my email multiple times each day. It’s one of the best ways to contact me. If you ever need my email, it’s located in the About Me section on the right side of my blog. But just in case, here it is:


Hope this explains some details! Know that I appreciate every one of you, and I hope you stick around for more than just the Brain Tumor Story! :)