I am completely exhausted. I hate saying that because, really, I normally am just a little bit tired.

Oh I have my days where I feel spent and like falling asleep for hours upon hours…but I bounce back and I’m always fine.

I know that will be the case this time, as well, but in this moment I just want to pass out and not wake up for a day. I haven’t been sleeping well AT ALL. I have to take medicine that ends up giving me a lottt of energy. Which causes only a little sleep. Which leaves me with little energy.

It’s a strange pattern, I must say.

I’ve been doing well with only a few hours of sleep each night (it’s 2-3 weeks now of only a few hours each night)…but it’s catching up to me. I feel it.

I went shopping with a friend today because I had to get clothes for camp. We’re having an 80’s theme night at camp this year, so I’m of course going all out. Duh, there’s no other way. The problem is that I didn’t live in the 80’s…so I went and got 80’s clothing etc. But all that moving around and shopping has left me oh so very tired.

So tired that I actually tried to rest today once I got home.

Imagine that.

Doing what I’m supposed to do. What an idea.

It didn’t really help, though. I’m still super tired and my head and neck have been hurting much more now that the stitches are out. Which seems like an oxymoron to me, but what do I know?

I know it may sound strange, but being tired really bothers me. I’m just so used to having enough energy to do whatever and to not wonder if I’ll get enough sleep. Because some how the energy kicks in around 11 at night.

Which means I have about one hour left to be exhausted enough to fall asleep in this little chair.

And I just might let myself fall asleep.

Right here. Right now.