It’s been a busy few days here and a lot of planned things are coming up that I’m excited about. But you know what’s just fabulous? I went back to work today. I never thought I would miss work, but I did. I missed the people (they’re SO nice) and having something to do instead of walking around the house aimlessly (which I admit to doing the past few weeks). And I’m so thankful to have a job to go back to.

I’ve also been doing math and almost completed another chapter, which is great. And guess who took a nap yesterday?! Agh can’t believe it. I am against naps. I don’t believe in them.

Just kidding. But seriously. You gain three hours from taking a nap, and then lose two hours trying to fall asleep later at night. What’s the point? But our power went out and I thought reading a book in my nice cozy bed sounded like a great idea. Until I put the book down to “rest” for a few minutes.

I woke up FIVE HOURS LATER thinking it was already Monday morning. But, alas, it was 8:12pm on Sunday night, and I had slept the day away. So plans for going to a party, blogging, and getting school work done went out the window. But I felt rested, so I decided it wasn’t a big deal. But still.

This post is already random enough, so lets make it even more random…Has anyone been watching The Next Food Network Star or Design Star? OH I COULD SAY SO MUCH. Design Star is flat out horrible this season. No one should get a show. They should all be sent home. And please, don’t let the guy win. I would never ever watch his show. But I have to say, the challenges have been weak this season. That’s why the show has sucked so much. It’s all ‘team challenges’ which is stupid. The show used to be so good until this season…I don’t know why they changed it up so much.

But Food Network Star? GENIUS. Oh I love that show. I really have been impressed with how Tom has gotten better week after week. And I’ve liked Aarti from week 1. I hope she wins. Or Tom, because he’s funny. And the challenges have been so good, don’t you think?!

I have another super interesting post (ha) coming soon so come back and read it. I promise it’s better than this one. :)