Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Mine was good, but long. I was able to sleep in, which was great of course. Then we had brunch and a really yummy dinner later on. I watched a little of the parade (which was lame this year, sorry). And then we just hung around.

It doesn’t sound long, I know.

But around midnight, I got in bed. And then I laid there. And laid there some more.

Until 3:30, when I finally fell asleep.

Only to be woken up by my alarm at 4:30 so that I could get to work by 5:00. Then I worked nine and a half hours (on my feet) on only one hour of sleep.

That’s where the long comes in. Black Friday. Ugh.

I don’t understand Black Friday. You barely get a deal and you have to get up super early to shop. I mean, I love shopping…but I don’t love doing anything that early besides sleeping. No thank you.

What I really don’t understand, though, is that we all spend a whole day (hopefully) surrounded by friends and family…and we count our blessings. And then the next day we go out and spend money on stuff we don’t really need.

What happened to being thankful?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a good deal. My favorite four letter word while shopping is not SALE, it’s FREE.

But the day after Thanksgiving? I’m not all for going out and spending a couple hundred dollars, as many do.

Then again, if you find great deals…that’s really awesome.

So I guess I’m undecided on Black Friday.

At least Thanksgiving went well! It was strange to know that it’s my last Thanksgiving at home for at least two years, since we’ll be spending Thanksgiving in Tennessee next year.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play a game with my brothers. Don’t blame me for trying to make Thanksgiving last longer than one day. :)