Tonight was dress rehearsal, but in our minds it was really opening night.

Since third grade I have been in a huge Christmas production at my church, minus last year (for many reasons :]). I’m in love with the show, and it’s a huge part of my life.

Singing, Acting, Dancing.

That’s me. That’s what I love.

We used to do 13 performances (about 2 hours each). It was a big deal. HUGE.

We began practicing in September, and the shows were in December. People came from up North to watch it.

It was a big deal.

The funny thing was that people thought our church was making tons of money on it. Ha. Funny.

We barely broke even. We spent money on new costumes, sets, lighting equipment, etc each year that we literally would break even. Like…within 50ish bucks.

But it wasn’t about the money. It was our ministry. Our way of reaching out to the community without having to shout out “Jesus loves you” to every person we meet on a daily person.

Not that that’s wrong…but that’s not our intention.

We wanted to give people a show. An almost Broadway show, if you will.

And in the show there would be the nativity, and the story of Christmas.

And there would be Santa and an elf or two, frosty, and all sorts of other Christmas-y cheer things.

We wanted to reach out and share the love of Jesus without having to slap someone in the face. :)

It’s a little different this year when it comes to money, but the message of the nativity mized with dancing, singing, and acting is still there.

The prices are drastically less (just $5 and $10) and we ask that you consider doing one (or more) of four things.

We want to give Christmas away. That’s our BIG focus. But our smaller focus is adoption and children.

So we ask that people either

1) Consider Adoption

2) Help others adopt that aren’t able to financially

3) Sponsor a child through Compassion (and ya’ll know how much I love them!!!)

4) Volunteer in a certain local K-5th school that needs SO much help (90% of the students there are homeless)

Now of course not everyone that comes can do all or any of these things. But everyone can pray or reach out to a child some where that just needs a little love.

Give Christmas away. That’s the message. That’s the focus.

We’ve been adopted by Him, now lets go adopt some children that need some love, whether it be by taking them into our homes, sending money and gifts across an ocean, or just taking an afternoon a week to help out in a classroom.

We want to give Christmas away.

I’m so proud to be a part of these shows each year. Every year the focus changes (this year it’s clearly adoption and children), but giving Christmas away remains the same.

If you’re in the South Florida area tomorrow (Friday) night through Sunday night and would like to see the show, let me know! I’d be more than happy to buy your tickets, and I’d love to meet you. :) I promise it’s a good show, and you will even get the chance to laugh at me when I’m up there dancing in a few songs. :)