Ya’ll! I *think* I got Disquis up and running. But I can’t totally know until probably tomorrow, because I keep getting the message ‘Import Error” when I try to import my old comments into Disquis.

Do you know how upset I will be if I lose all those comments?

So upset.

That’s what I’ll be.

All of the comments are important to me -each and every single one- but the ones from right before and right after surgery last summer are really precious to me. They mean a ton and don’t want to lose them…but then “Import Error” pops up.

Again. And again. I’ve tried to import them three times but to no avail. Hopefully I will hear back from customer service tomorrow.

Once everyone gets over the Superbowl win (yay Packers).

In the mean time, will you help me know if the rest of Disquis set up properly here?

If you could spare one minute, please leave a simple comment telling me what you had to do to leave the comment. Did it make you put in information? Or will it send you an email when a reply is made to your comment? What all happens when you go to comment? Does it show up immediately?

Please let me know, I would really appreciate it!