I wrote this earlier today but thought I would still share it with you. :)

At approximately 1:15am I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep when the power went out. Both of our alarm clocks stopped working, but we use our phones so I didn’t think anything of it. The hall light was still on, which seemed strange, but I didn’t think anything more of it, assuming power would be back by morning.

But in my dream last night my roommates alarm didn’t go off because of the power outage, so she was going to miss class. I kept calling her name but nothing happened. Then I woke at 9 (my alarm was for 10:05 because I didn’t have class til 11 and didn’t want to go to convo) to my roommate saying all classes were canceled for the day because power was still out.

Yesssss so wonderful! No class! I wish it had been any day but Tuesday (it’s my easiest day by far), but still…no class! I went back to sleep, telling her to wake me at 11.

11 came, I got up and dressed for lunch. For some reason I didn’t realize the entire building would be pitch black, not just our room. That was fun…especially since I’m a little terrified of the dark. For some reason I also didn’t realize that it would be bright outside. Obviously the power didn’t affect outside darkness, but I was quite surprised. Dumb moment.

We went to the caf to see what this “limited menu” would be since they couldn’t cook anything. Salad. Deli sandwiches. One kind of chip. Plain yogurt.

They didn’t even bring out the granola for yogurt. How can you keep yogurt fresh with no power, and not have granola?! So we all decided to go to Walmart to buy lunch stuff to make in the kitchen. They made some fancy fig and goat cheese bread with a fancy pasta and sauce…I stuck with a good ol’ grilled cheese.

We were gonna play hide and seek all over this building in the dark, but the power is back. No Internet, though. So we’re all doing homework. Yay.

Now I’m down here in my room studying for a quiz I will most certainly fail tomorrow. And oh may I add it’s like 60 degrees outside and feels wonderful?!

This has been my day.