I start Step Sing practice tomorrow!!!

(If you don’t know what that is, just scroll on down to my previous post. Short version is that it’s a HUGE production at Samford every year where different groups compete with songs and dances. Tickets sell out and we practice non-stop (well, between classes and homework) for 3 weeks straight.)

Which means I will have approximately 0 hours of free time for the next 3 weeks, but still. I’m just so excited!

I got to Samford yesterday after driving way too long and far. It took me a sweet forever to unpack and rearrange my room – I got tired of the layout while sitting in here studying nonstop during finals week. I had to change it up for a new semester. :)

The past 24 hours have been filled with settling in, see a few friends that are already here, relaxing, and anticipating the rest of my friends arriving today. Even while I’ve been writing this I’ve heard screams from the floor above me…they’ve been happening all day because there’s always someone that just got here and a reunion takes place.


Anddddd as I was typing that last sentence one of my friends arrived. Go figure. :)


Anywho, I thought you might like to see a few Step Sing videos from years past? Let’s start with the winner of Step Sing 2011 – DAP (Dudes A Plenty)

Come back the rest of this week for more videos! :)