My week at the beach was absolutely wonderful, especially because I got to spend time with rooms, but also because it marked 2 years since surgery.

Most of you probably know that I had surgery on my brain Tuesday July 6th, 2010. We left family reunion/vacation on Monday to go home before leaving for the hospital Tuesday morning, so the beach was (and is) a very special place for me.

Those days I didn’t know if I would wake up from surgery, so I really took in life that weekend at the beach.

We’ve been back at the same condo place July 6, 2011 and this year as well, so I’ve taken a picture both times to remember. This one is from this year – the Phi Mu tank helps make that obvious. :)

2011. 2012. What a difference a year makes, and what a bigger difference from two years ago!
Of course I also have to show you a picture of the beautiful beach. The weather was perfect all week long!
Rooms and I are a little bit in love with Nutella, so we made these yummy nutella cups! Easiest thing ever.
And then rooms had to leave. Sad day :( but still so thankful I got to see her!
Such a fun vacation!