I spent July 4th week at the beach and my wonderful roomie came to visit for some of the time! I had just the best time getting to catch up with her. It’s so strange to live with someone for a year and then not see them for 16 weeks in the summer.

Thank goodness it worked out for her to come visit for a few days!

Lots of time on the beach, long walks, and dinner out made for such a great time. The moon was extra beautiful one night!

We both wore our Phi Mu tanks one day so of course pictures had to be taken :)

And then we got dressed up a little and had a normal photo shoot. :)
We decided we both wanted some candid pictures…and then had no idea what to do. Typical.
So we just acted normal and it resulted in one of my favorite pictures of us.
Dancing. Laughing. Typical us and such a good representation of our friendship.
The fireworks on the 4th were fantastic as usual. I love watching them at the beach!!! We go up on one of the balconies and just stand there watching them light up the sky as far down the beach as we can see. The biggest plus? A family from the condo typically brings a billion great fireworks and lights them up right outside our balcony. Best. Show. Ever.
The moon, the beach, and fireworks? What could be better.
After rooms left we spent another day with family before they headed home and I headed north to begin my road trip! :) I’m writing this from a Starbucks in Knoxville and am headed on to Nashville tomorrow. YAY! Can’t wait!
I’ll have a couple more pictures up tomorrow, but I hope you all had great 4th last week!