Guess what has been missing in my life?


The world without internet access is a bleak one, friends.

I’ve never even come close to reaching my data limit on my phone, but I was relying solely on 3G and got a lovely little “You’re at 65% of your plan now” message.

Two days later my phone buzzed and I had a new message saying I had reached 90%.

Well okay then. No more 3G for me.

For a girl that’s never even received the 65% message, this was just terrible. The 90% message came on August 1st which was so confusing because I thought it was supposed to start over for a new month.

The idea of not being able to use my phone until September made me so frustrated. Not having internet plus basically shutting off my phone? Not okay.

So I went to the little phone store and they told me my plan would reset the next day. SO. Long (completely pointless) story short, I have Internet back on my phone, but I’m barely using it because I’m scared to use 3G now.

BUT. The internet has, for the moment, returned to my computer so I thought I’d post this real quick.

I made a 10 minute video for y’all the other day, but haven’t been able to upload it because of the lack of internet.

If it sticks around, the video will be up this weekend. I would promise tomorrow but, well, THE OLYMPICS, Y’ALL.

Have you been watching the fab five? And the swimming? And May/Walsh? I LOVE IT ALL SO MUCH.