If you don’t feel like watching the video, here’s the list version :)

1. Quick apparently means just over 10 minutes. My bad.

2. I look just terrible. Next time someone remind me not to film a video of myself after midnight. K thanks.

3. The Olympics? I LOVE THEM.

4. Crafting is like a new love language of mine.

5. Tell me I’m not the only one that deletes voicemails of their own voice because it sounds so strange.

6. The stress, it was consuming me. Clearly.

7. This was filmed after lots of tears, angry conversations with myself in my own head, many conversations with housing people. etc. At this point I was just numbing myself to the situation because I had to someone resign myself to a totally different sophomore year, 3 weeks before moving back in.

8. BUT. I found out two days later (this was filmed like Tuesday) that the fight is over, I don’t have to move, things have been worked out. AHHHHHHH. SO much relief. I literally began crying tears of joy. God made a way; He provided and now I get to stay with my friends. :)

9. The verse my grandma tells me is Proverbs 16:9

10. The Etsy site is right here. Go see. Please! :)

11. Nathan Adrian. Enough said.

12. And now you’re caught up if you didn’t watch. :)