That right there is consuming every single second of my spare time. And true, I’ll be the first to admit that I am sometimes prone to exaggeration…but I’m not kidding y’all one bit. Between going to class, doing my homework, Rush practices, and eating every once in a while…my life is full.
It’s full of happy, no doubt. But it’s very full of busy.
For the next little bit, at least.
Rush will be over a week and a half from now, but I’m trying not to look at it that way. Because I am SO, so excited to get new little ones and to meet so many girls in the process. I’m proud to be a Phi Mu, but I’m most proud of the Biblical principles we stand on and the godly girls that surround me…and I can’t wait to share that with so many new girls.
Over 300 girls are registered. Yiiiiiikes.
We’ve been practicing our conversations (which sounds completely ridiculous unless you’ve been in a sorority…and still to me it sounds so silly) and we’ve been working on our medley (WHICH I AM A TEENSY BIT IN LOVE WITH). Oh it’s so good and fun and shows some sass and personality…not the “hey we’ll put our best face on and forget about being genuine and real.”
So I mean that’s fun.
Truly, I’m enjoying it.
But combined with actual school work I’ve just been struggling to find this thing people keep mentioning….I think it’s called free time?
I don’t know about you, but I think I’d classify me as busy when we’re 2 and a half weeks into school and I’ve had 5 tests and 3 papers on reading assignments or interviews I gave. And 3 of those tests were on the same day.
Are you jealous yet? :)
As stressful as it is, and believe me when I say there’s so much in my personal life with friends going on, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
The support system I have around me is wonderful. My Big is a Rho Gamma (she’s disaffiliated from Phi Mu until Rush is over because she’ll be helping the potential new members with any questions they might have…) so we can’t talk in public…actually we can’t really be seen together in public, since the new girls can’t know what sorority she’s in.
Three and a half weeks of purposefully ignoring my best friend has been so hard, and we’re only in week 2. But we hang out in the house a lot and she has been absolutely wonderful in helping me process the little things each day. Health issues have come back (as I so hoped they would not) and we’ve talked through it, and of course the things she’s facing right now as well.
Sometimes I find myself stepping back at the end of each day in complete awe that God provided so perfectly a Big as well as some great girls (in Phi Mu, in other sororities, and independents) to encourage me, lift me up, make me laugh, and help me get through each day one at a time.
I’m counting my blessings tonight because even though the trials come, sometimes one after another, the rainbow always comes.
Think Joseph. Hated by his brothers, thrown into a pit to die (by his own flesh and blood), traded to become a slave, worked as a slave until his master’s wife accused him of trying to sleep with her, thrown into jail for years, helps a guy out and then stays in jail another few years, and then eventually becomes second in command of Egypt so that the entire country won’t die from a famine.
I mean come on. That’s one heck of a rainbow, but it took a lot of rain.

(from here)
Think Noah. Laughed at, mocked, and made fun of behind his back (and probably to his face, too). His friends, y’all. They turned on him. He worked hard for a long time with nothing to prove he was right, a flood came and then almost everything was gone. He was stuck on a boat (and you know that thing smelled) for an incredibly long time and then he had to start all over again. But you know what happened? There was a rainbow.
I don’t know what’s going on in your life right now, I don’t know what pit you’re in or if the boat is stinky…but I know He promised there would be trouble, and then followed that promise by saying He has overcome.
The rainbow is gonna come.
Don’t forget to look up from under your rain-drenched hair hanging in your eyes because that rainbow is on it’s way. In fact, maybe you just need to look around. My rainbow is here whenever I stop and notice the group of girls God has given me.
Keep your eyes on the sky, that rainbow is gonna be magnificent!