In case you haven’t heard, there’s a HUGE summer sale going on right now with DaySpring products. I just came back from DaySpring headquarters a few days ago (more to come soon!) and was able to see many of these products in person. They are seriously beautiful and such great quality.

I rarely advertise any products, but I believe in DaySpring, these items, and saving money! :) I’ve listed some of my favorite deals below.

I just bought the bird cage and it’s so pretty, sturdy, and big! I was gifted with the Grace Necklace and if you click on the link, you’ll see that the necklace has pearls too!

I own the ((together)) necklace and just love it. And the connected hearts? If it’s wrong to lust… ;) I saw it in person for the first time last week, and it’s dainty but just enough to complete an outfit.

The Ever Grateful vase sits on my desk at college and I’ve gotten TONS of compliments on it. And of course, you can just go ahead and assume that yes ma’am I own every one of the Holley Gerth blocks. :) They are much heavier and sturdier than you would think. Not a canvas, but a block.

Last but not least are a few Christmas items. Now, I know, it’s July. But for these prices, you can go ahead and stock up on presents and be way ahead of the game.

These prices are CRAZY. I hope you’ll take advantage of these great deals! If you do, would you purchase them by clicking through the links above? I’ll receive a small commission if you purchase through those links. Or, if you’d like to buy anything else in the Redeemed, Ever Grateful, or Christmas Clearance, use the links below!

I know this probably seems silly, but I just looked at all the books I need for next semester…and let’s just say, every dollar will help greatly. Yikes, textbooks are crazy expensive!

If you use the code shipping30 you will receive free shipping when you spend over $30! Just make sure you go through this link for it to apply.

If you use code SUMMER25 you’ll receive 25% off your ENTIRE purchase!

If you snag any great deals, comment or tweet me and let me know what you chose!

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