A little breath of quiet as the giveaways wind to a close and school begins.

Today is the first day of my Junior year, and I’m involved in too many (good) things, overwhelmed by projects and homework (on the first day, I know. It’ll all happen but sleep won’t be involved. :], and back to eating grilled chicken for every lunch and dinner.

Life is returning to what has become normal, which means the words here will be a bit less. I must carve out space to share words with friends over coffee and the world’s best chocolate chip cookie.

Because it’s these little things that make the memories.

I’ll be back Wednesday with the giveaway winners, but for now let’s just all draw a collective breath. It’s a new season, the leaves will begin to change soon, and Pumpkin Spice frappuchinos will be back at Starbucks.

And the people said amen.