If we go through the world with our ear to the ground, with our ear pressed up against people’s words, listening for heartbeats, listening for the heartbeat of stories, it could happen —  Stories are keys that release you out of yourself and into the wide freedom of caring about something beyond yourself.  Ann Voskamp

The power of Jesus in your story could set someone free.

The power of Jesus in your story could set someone free.


Go back and read that one more time. I’ll wait.

It’s true, you know. It’s not about us or the words that come out of our mouths or splash onto the computer screen. It’s about where the words came from and the One who gives them to us.

You hold the key and the key is Jesus. There’s that famous saying, those words about how Christians have the Cure and who in their right mind would keep the cure to cancer hidden and locked away from cancer patients? And so how can we sit down or shut up about a Love that loves all, includes all, frees all?

We can’t afford for you to sit on your hands or lock your jaw. The key that unlocks your mouth to tell your story is the same Key that frees the captives. None of us can do this without Him.

The key to telling your story well is letting the Key unlock your words.


It’s really not about us. It isn’t about me, it isn’t about you, it isn’t about what chapter we’re in or how “big” our stories are. It isn’t even about who is listening to our stories. When we lay hold of the truth that every story matters, we’ll begin to see and believe that our story is included in the “every” story. And then we’ll have to realize that we haven’t done the writing, but it is our job to do the story-telling.

When we wrestle and fight, coming up to breathe once we’ve realized that our stories matter only because of the Author holding the pen, there’s nothing left to do besides unlock our mouths and start the telling.

You are a story teller, a speaker, a poet, an artist, a gift. Your story could be the key that turns the lock for another.



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