No matter what page you’re on right now, your story matters. In your craziness, in your messiness, in your normal-ness.

He’s still writing, yes. But oh He is also going to use that mess to write His message.

In the middle of your mess, He is writing your message.

Wherever you are today, whatever chapter you find yourself in, my prayer is that you’ll know it deep inside that He can use your story to change the world.

Sometimes changing the world means changing the world for just one person. And yeah, that counts.

And if sharing your story can encourage another – by providing comfort, a listening ear, or the hope that they aren’t alone – then it stands to reason that your story matters.

People are waiting to hear.

 To just tell. To just “yes.”

Don’t wait until it’s all wrapped up pretty and tied with a bow. That may never happen, friend. Let’s not wait until everything looks good. Who are we trying to please? He is writing a message in your mess.




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