Arms the hold the universe (song lyrics by Fee)

We had a lot of lot of tear-stained pillow late night conversations, me and God.

I did most of the talking and not always a lot of listening, if we’re being honest.

And He listened so well, so intently and sweetly. He heard the cries, the worries, and the wants. Even when I could barely figure out how to put words to how I felt, He knew. Because He always knows.

But that doesn’t mean life doesn’t hurt. It does. And it doesn’t mean there aren’t dark days. There are. There are rough times and rocky times and mornings that there’s nothing appealing about getting out of bed, and still we must do it anyway.

When the world is loud and God is quiet, what do we do then? How do we share our story when we’re in a not-so-lovely chapter? When the walls have gone up high and there are more questions than answers, what do we hold onto?

Here’s what I’ve found to be true: God will not waste a hurt.

When you find yourself locked in the bathroom rocking away the hurts. When the covers are pulled over your face mid-afternoon. When you’re out and about, standing on solid ground, and still you feel like you’re drowning. When no one sees you sinking down further. When you feel alone in a crowd of people.

He calms the waves and settles the sea. We can call on the One who walks on water, knowing for certain that the waves that rock us must listen to His voice.

And the voice that calmed the raging sea
Is calling you His child
So be still and know He’s in control
He will never let you go
Fee, Arms That Hold The Universe

This is not the end of your Story.

Hold on, friend. Hold on to what you know is true in the light when you can not see it in the dark. And if there comes a time when your grip loosens and you feel yourself falling, rest in knowing He’s got you tight and sure. He isn’t going anywhere and this chapter won’t last forever.

Don’t give up, He’s still writing. Your story matters right where you are. Don’t fall for the lie that you’ve got to wait until everything is peachy and happy before your Story can make a difference.

Absolutely not. You and your Story? They matter right here, right now. We’re in this together. Light will break; the victory is already won. Hang on tight – God’s got this, whatever your “this” is, because God’s got you.



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