You could call it my “big break” but I’d choose to call it a time God broke me. And I’m so thankful He did. I was stretched thin and lifted up, encouraged and humbled. I was a wee bit nervous and a whole lot excited. My words — really, His words — made their way to the main page of (in)courage. Just a few days later I realized for the first time that hey, Those words have changed me.

This series, , began in May 2013. The series found its voice in an (in)courage blog post and for the past year I’ve slowly been fleshing it out and wrestling with the truth of it – because if every story matters, what does that mean for me? What does it mean for you?

But it starts here, with believing that there’s power in your story.

We are community for each other, and our Stories give Him glory. Don't forget to share yours, but remember this: He isn't done writing.

You don’t know me from Adam. Oddly enough, I don’t know you either.

But this I do know:

You need encouragement.

You have a Story to tell.

You are community.

If we had the chance to sit down across from each other over a frappuchino and something chocolate-y {a warm brownie, preferably}, I bet we would be fast friends.

There’s nothing that binds friends so fast as the power of Story. It’s in the sharing of Story that we find community in one another. When I share a piece of myself, you can relate to the real me, raw and exposed. When you speak of your triumphs and struggles, I’m right there with you, celebrating as you cross the finish line and holding your hand when the tears fall.

I’m convinced that Story is one of the most powerful things out there.

Our stories, like dandelions, spread farther than we’ll ever know when we breathe out and share.


There’s no need for the rocks to cry out when we share our Stories with each other. Tell me of your mess, I will feel less alone. Open your door and allow me to sit and hold your hand as you share bad news. Call me on the phone and we’ll have a dance party, miles away from each other, as you tell me He’s opened another door to your dream.

Share you Story with me, with those around you. The coffee can go cold, the pastry uneaten because we’re so wrapped up in what God has done and what He is still doing.

We are community for each other, and our Stories give Him glory. Don’t forget to share yours, but remember this: He isn’t done writing.


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