Steal some time and show up to life. Do it because you want to tell a truer story.

In order to truly live, one must do one’s living amongst the breathing.

I’m sure it’s been said more beautifully before, but those fourteen words sum up my November. After writing 31 days in a row on how and why every story matters, the well had run dry and if you encountered me on November 1st, you likely would have heard me say something like, “Do you know what day it is? Do you?! It’s November. November 1st. And I don’t have to write a single word unless I want to. And I might want to. But I might not. And IT’S OKAY BECAUSE IT’S NOVEMBER 1ST.”

Yeah. That actually happened. Multiple times.

Without writing it down or thinking it through, I gave myself permission to get on with the living. No requirement to write, no rush to publish, no mental checklist of images, keywords, and categories.

I will choose thanksgiving. (free 8x10 printable)


What a gift it is and what a waste we too often make of it. Fall is my favorite season of all, and without any assurance of where I’ll be this time next year – I simply want to live in a state of being that declares: I will savor life. I will suck the marrow out of it. I will dance and laugh and throw my head back with abandon, arms spread wide. I will sing off key and eat too many bowls of ice cream. I will take pictures because I love the beauty, not because they would make beautiful graphics. I will listen instead of doing, slow instead of worrying, love instead of doubting.

I will live and love amongst the breathing.

He has not called us to run a frantic race towards the finish, but to love deeply and intentionally. I’m finding more and more that I love best when I forget all of my lists.

Your people need you more than they need your to do’s checked off.

Steal some time and show up to life. Do it because you want to tell a truer story.

Leeana Tankersley, Breathing Room

As we live in a season of thanksgiving, may we choose to also be in a season of thanks-living.

What will you leave out? What will you add in? For me, I hope that it is a season of leaving out worry and adding in time with people, slow moments of laughter, love, and life.

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