I’m pretty sure that I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t at least mention the major sale happening at DaySpring right now! But since I mention their sales often-ish, I thought I’d change it up a little bit and include a $25 giveaway for anything in the store.

Seriously, I don’t even know what you could spend it on because there are so many great options right now. And with tons of pretty things on major sale, you’ll certainly be able to grab something (or many things) for yourself or a loved one. Below I’ve listed some of my favorites deals and at the bottom of this post you’ll find the giveaway.

Simply follow the instructions and play along – maybe you’ll win! The winner will receive a credit that is good for $25 but does not include free shipping. Let me also include that DaySpring has sponsored this giveaway and requested that the winner be a lady from Because they believe words matter. And us #fmfpartysnailmail girls, we believe that too.

If you happen to see anything that you like and simply must buy because it’s 1) pretty 2) a great deal 3) perfect for a friend 4) that thing you’ve been wanting for forever – I would very much appreciate if you would click through one of these links or in a link via my sidebar. A small percentage of what you pay will go to me instead of to DaySpring (this does not cost you any more, but helps me keep this place running).

Now. Onto the crazy sales. Did I mention that Christmas products are 40% off with code CHRISTMAS40 and you can receive an additional 50% off clearance with the code 50CLEAR?!? Yeah. Crazy.

 40% off Christmas Gifts and Products


Lyrics for Life Christmas – Silent Night $12.99 sale price: $7.79

A Time for Joy – Advent Tabletop Devotional $14.99 sale price: $8.99

Love Came Down – Pure Love – Embossed Place Cards, Set of 4 $19.99 sale price: $11.99

Hurricane Candle Holder Set – Includes Six Sleeves $89.99 sale price: $53.99

In Quietness and Trust – Snowbird Pillow Cover $25.99 sale price: $15.59

Karen Kingsbury – Possibilities – 2015 Wall Calendar $12.99 sale price: $7.79

Additional 50% off clearance


Makeup Bag $12.99 sale price: $6.49

Trust – Antiqued Gold Finish Ring $4.99 sale price: $2.49

Found & Treasured – Large Purse $19.99 sale price: $9.99

Truly Treasured – Wallet $9.99 sale price: $4.99

Beloved – Wooden Plaque $6.49 sale price: $3.24

Treasured – Fashion Bracelet $4.99 sale price: $2.49


Faith – Gold Necklace $8.49 sale price: $4.24

Holley Gerth – Strength – Canvas Wrapped 6″ Block $7.49 sale price: $3.74

Holley Gerth – The Day Had Come – 12″ x 12″ Wall Art – White $56.25 sale price: $28.12

God Sees the Real Me – Sculpted Art Panel $12.00 sale price: $6.00

Fullness of Joy – Pillar Mug $4.99 sale price: $2.49

Faith, Hope & Love – Gold Bracelet Set $7.49 sale price: $3.74


Redeemed Christmas – Countdown to Christmas – Wooden Advent Chalkboard $9.99 sale price: $4.99

Love, Hope, Cross – Hurricane Candle Year-Round Metal Sleeves $5.00 sale price: $2.50 (these go with the above hurricane candle set)

Redeemed Christmas – Redeemed & Blessed – Divided Dish $8.49 sale price: $4.24

Birthday, Cheer, Encouragement, Get Well – Set of 4 Boxed Cards – Value Pack $9.99 sale price: $4.99

Angie Smith – What Women Fear: Walking in Faith $7.49 sale price: $3.74

Hope & Encouragement – 6 Premium Cards $8.42 sale price: $4.21


One more run down on those codes:

40% off Christmas products: CHRISTMAS40

An additional 50% off clearance: 50CLEAR

Please note: You can not use more than one code per transaction.


DaySpring $25 giveaway