$200 Giveaway to Lush Decor

One week from now will find me back in Alabama and learning a new semester’s routine. My last first day will be complete and just the thought of that has me 1) an emotional mess 2) preoccupying my mind with all things Netflix 3) looking at a lot of things online that I just don’t need because, hello, I don’t have an apartment quite yet.

Thinking about a job or grad school and all the unknowns? A bit overwhelming.

Looking at pretty things that I don’t have a place to put just yet? Way too fun.

But maybe you have a place to put these sorts of things? I sure hope so – or I hope you know someone who could use a little extra blessing – because oh man do I have a fun giveaway today!

There aren’t many things I’ve really “splurged” on in life apart from larger portions of foods such as ice cream or queso. Furnishings for my dorm room? Not so much. But after purchasing several items at cheaper prices and then having them fall apart or just not hold up well, I’ve realized that paying a little more for an item that will be seen and used for years is, well, worth it.

Enter . . . Lush Decor. Bedding, window treatments, pillows, and stunning quilts and throws. Everything is great quality but it’s also beautiful and a little whimsical, too.

Lush Decor $200 Giveaway

1) Serena 3-piece Comforter Set
2) Adrianne Throw
3) Ruffle Shower Curtain
4) Monique 3-piece Blue Quilt Set
5) Adrianne 3-piece Quilt
6) Zelie Bamboo Fiber Throw

One very lucky winner will receive a $200 shopping spree to Lush Decor! The winner will be able to use their $200 code on anything on the entire website, so take a look around and let me know what item(s) you would pick out for yourself or a loved one!

Lush Decor $200 Giveaway

This will be a one-time use code with no balance kept and must be used in one purchase. The code will also include free shipping. The winner can checkout with their Amazon.com credentials. Lush Decor is fully integrated for a quick and safe check out. The product(s) will be shipped directly to the winner.
*Affiliate links have been used in this post. Additionally, I received compensation for hosting this giveaway.