Y’all. It’s 2015. I’ve been dreaming and revamping and housekeeping behind-the-scenes. I want to make sure to fill you in on everything because, well, you are my people. And I am a list person so really, did you expect anything less?

1) #fmfpartysnailmail is back for a FIFTH round! It completely blows my mind that a few tweets turned into hundreds of women around the world writing handwritten encouragement to one another. All the details on what #fmfpartysnailmail is as well as information for this round can be found here. And if you’d like to sign up to send and receive a little bit of love in your mailbox? You can do that right here. Over 60 women have already signed up and the form has only been open for 1 day! Crazy what God is doing.

#fmfpartysnailmail cards

2) I am crazy excited to be launching The Table, a place for us to gather behind the screen! That little monthly newsletter I’ve been writing? This is that… but better. I’ve revamped it and changed everything around a little bit. Because if I’m being honest, a newsletter just doesn’t feel like me. But this new space, it feels right.

If we could have coffee, I would tell you all the little behind-the-scenes details of the every day ordinary. We’d chat about the best things we’ve read or listened to, maybe share a good recipe or two, and there’s no doubt that my sassiness would come out. That is what The Table will be — a place for us to talk like we’re just hanging out together. And I just can’t wait. Will you join me there?

Click on the image below to sign up!

The Table

3) One dream has turned into another and you may have seen that my Twitter bio has changed just a little bit.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw a little bit more of the why (please insert your own version of EEEKKK! here).

Your Bravery

The past 30 months have been impacted by hundreds of women the world over, but a few dozen have shaped my story with their words and friendship. A few weeks ago I started down a new path as the Virtual Assistant to @holleygerth at Revell Publishing. Today was my last day at (in)courage and although it’s bittersweet, I’m thankful to have my first non-working weekend in 2.5 years. Most of all, I’m grateful for relationships built, dreams realized, and the power of story.


God is really cool. I could go way more into it and the story would weave on for a long time, but basically God closed doors and opened doors and led me exactly where I need to be. So now? Now I have the extreme pleasure of ministering to God’s girls behind-the-scenes in a new way. And if you haven’t heard of Holley Gerth then seriously, you must be living under a rock. Come read her beautiful, God-inspired words?

That’s all for now, friends. I hope you’ll sign up for some snail mail and join me at The Table. Here’s to new adventures in the new year and choosing to be right here, where He has placed us. Because where we are today is right where He wants us to be.

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