One of my very favorite friends-I’ve-never-actually-met is Emily Freeman. But y’all already knew that. But did you know that at the end of every month, she invites Internets to list out what they’ve learned that month? The fun, funny, not-so-serious — and the big stuff, the life lessons.

I always find myself on the 29th or 30th thinking “Dang. I learned nothing this month except that I will forget everything I learned by the end of the four weeks. Again.” So. Today is my first time joining in after months of wishing I had kept track of these things along the way.

What I learned in June (and remembered to jot down for this post, you’re welcome): 11 small, medium, and big things… and a collage idea totally stolen from E.p.F.

What I Learned In June

1. Sometimes I think the rain is the radio.

When driving during a rainstorm, I will accidentally find myself reaching to “turn down the rain” because it is “just too loud.” As if it’s a song on the radio. I don’t know, y’all. I can’t fathom why my brain thinks this is logical.

2. I want to be a Braverman.

No, but really. I started the show Parenthood on June 9th. I’m on the last season and I have no shame. Also I think I’m slightly obsessed with Lauren Graham.

3. I have a thing for a white sky.

I don’t know just when this happened, although my first memory of it is tied to this Instagram picture. White skies are about the creepiest, coolest thing. Ever. I’m learning to look up more often.

White skies are about the creepiest, coolest thing.

4. Everyone is right. Being an adult is totally overrated.

5.  I super-heart-so-much-love making printables and graphics.

I already knew the graphics part but oh my gosh why did no one tell me printables are even more fun?! [I’m starting to make some for the ‘ol blog here, so if you’d like.]

6. Listening to audio of the Old Testament is so handy, y’all.

As I’m working through the one-year Bible plan (side note: I am quite behind. But I’m not giving up.), listening instead of always reading has been a super useful change and has given me a new way of ‘seeing’ the stories.

7. Saturday was meant for a good book.

I’ve started and finished nine since graduation. Saturdays in June have brought reading time and it has been glorious. Also, to my still-in-school friends: there will come a time when Saturday does not mean hours upon hours of homework. It will be a beautiful thing. Hang in there, people.

8. I really miss being in school.

Like, whoa. I miss it so much more than I thought. The people and the place but also the classroom.

9. A freshly painted desk makes all the difference.

A freshly painted desk makes all the difference.

10. I want to be known for more than my job.

This could be an entire blog post, and maybe one day it will be, but for now I’m doing my darn best to never lead into a conversation with a stranger or new friend with “so what do you do?” Because we are more than that. We are people who live and breathe and play and love books, movies, TV shows, the outdoors, food. June has really taught me to search for deeper connections.

11. June has taught me how to live in the pages I never imagined.

When it wasn’t the dream, doesn’t meet the expectations of others, and doesn’t “fit” what made sense in my mind…

June has been teaching me about change and embracing (learning to love, even!) the pages I wouldn’t have necessarily written.

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