In many ways, we are smack in the thick of it. In the middle, the in between, the roaring waves and the endless streams.

Social media and email and homework and 9-5s and the things that don’t seem to come to an end. Good things, but yet still things.

It happens every few months, it always takes me by surprise, and I never realize it’s happening until weeks go by.


You can sit down and quiet down without giving in. You can say no to the noise and still be saying yes in obedience. Choosing quiet does not mean shutting down. Quiet? It can be so good.

Less posting, barely any desire to pop in and look at the Jones’. I simply pull back and sit down on the inside. This time around I’ve learned that pulling back does not equate to shrinking back and I’m not quite sure why it’s taken me so long to figure that out.

But here, let me try to explain what I’m still turning over and examining, attempting to understand:

You can sit down and quiet down without giving in. You can say no to the noise and still be saying yes in obedience. Choosing quiet does not mean shutting down. Chasing a still moment might mean that you miss an opportunity but that doesn’t mean you lose. Closing computer screens and putting phones on Do Not Disturb is actually a gift to your soul and to your schedule, not a mess waiting to happen. Less noise, more quiet.

Maybe I should intentionally schedule these quiet breaks throughout the year, but my soul seems to know just when it’s had enough and my body follows accordingly. Without making a conscious decision to look less, I increasingly decrease the amount of times I check my phone and refresh news feeds. It doesn’t start out purposeful, I simply start slowing down. It takes a while before I notice what I’ve done and it wasn’t until last week that the thought crossed my mind “Have I said anything recently?”

That alone felt so good.

Because this has always been my promise to you, that I will not write for the sake of writing and I will only share what I feel the Lord stirring, writing within me. I will promote businesses and people who are doing His work and I will so happily share encouragement on social media, but I never ever want to simply add to the noise.

Stop the glorification of busy // free printable

I think we could all use a bit more quiet in our daily lives, don’t you?

Right now, for me, this looks like choosing simple things.

Opening the blinds first thing each morning to let in natural light. Daily checklists so I know what needs to be done and therefore know when it’s reasonable to stop (instead of my tendency to always get ahead or do one last thing! wait, one more!). Getting on social media for my clients and then getting right back off, very rarely posting anything on my own accounts (except Insta cause I love me some Insta). Surrounding myself with Scripture and coffee. Curling up with a blanket and a good book. Writing and writing and writing down dreams and words and ideas in a place where it won’t go live as soon as I hit submit. Sometimes we need to wrestle out words and thoughts with Jesus first, y’all. Slicing strawberries. Making homemade dinners. Calling my family.

It’s all so regular. You probably already do all of these things and the truth is, I was doing them already, too. But there’s something profound in recognizing that these, these are enough. I think maybe it’s just this — choosing to live a life worth telling than tell about a life worth living.

It isn’t anything special, but it feels it in 100 ordinary ways. It isn’t the easy choice because life can feel like a race and it sure feels like sitting down on the inside means falling lap after lap behind. But this is me, walking, not running. This is me catching my breath before a big sprint – don’t you know, 31 days begins October 1st and I’ll be right back here, posting every single day. This is me saying I’m running the race He has called me to and for this moment, right here, it looks like running after quiet.

Things: I just like you all so much. Thank you for hanging with me, for showing up in this space even when words are less frequent. I promise you x100, the words have not run dry — they are simply being wrestled out elsewhere and will return to this space so very soon. From October 1st-31st, you can expect one post a day from me. If you’re on my newsletter subscriber list, you already know what I’ll be writing about! I’m excited to begin sharing those words with you but in the mean time, let’s enjoy just a little more quiet together.


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Free printable: Download ‘Stop the glorification of busy.’