I may not know what tomorrow will hold, but I know the One who holds my tomorrow.

I am the girl and over the course of the past few months – or year, really – I continue to run into change.

Sometimes we bump shoulders, sometimes I introduce myself and we shake hands cordially, and sometimes I am a wallflower looking for any means of escape.

Big and small, important and regular, change keeps knocking on my door and then coming right on in.

To be fair, sometimes change is more than welcome – especially when I invite it, welcome it, initiate it.

But there are other times I have to remind myself that change is change and I can’t hold it off forever, but I do know Who is holding me in the midst of it.

Situations change but God remains the same. He is still God. He is still good. Nothing about our circumstances changes the faithfulness and goodness of our friend Jesus. On the days I get all worried about what might or might not be coming, I have to slow myself down and remember these words:

I may not know what tomorrow will hold, but I know the One who holds my tomorrow. He will not run out, He will not get overwhelmed, and He will not be surprised by what comes next. He’s got this.

Deep breath in, slow breath out. When my fears are laid at His feet, my eyes fixed on His face, my ears listening for His Word, my world slowly tilts back to where it should have been all along and I remember that gosh, it was always in His hands.

Change comes, yes. Sometimes I hate it, for real hate it and wish it away and try to come up with a way to erase the sentence. I am a planner and a controller and a worrier. But He sees the next chapter, and so maybe I need that sentence after all.

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If you’ve experienced any sort of big change (and who hasn’t) or you can see change looming right around the corner, I would absolutely recommend that you get your hands on this little green book, Girl Meets Change, written by my friend Kristen Strong. Kristen knows change intimately and her words in this book are a kind companion on a road that can hold a lot of twists and turns.

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