You have a voice. You have things to say and we need to hear them.

It may have gone missing or maybe you’ve lost it – but you’ll find it again.

Maybe it’s too quiet, silent, or you just haven’t found it yet – but you’ve got one.

A voice. You have a voice.

Even if it rarely shows up or speaks up, even if you’ve done something terrible or done nothing at all – it’s there and it’s waiting to be found, to be used, to make a change.

What will you do with your one voice?

How will you use it to change the world?

It sounds so looming, like such a big question that no answer could correctly fit into.

You could cure cancer but there would be more to do. You could go to the moon but it wouldn’t be far enough. You could act on broadway but there would always be another award to win. You could play with your kids every morning but tuck them in at night feeling that you didn’t do enough, say enough, love enough.

Maybe for you it’s more a matter of whether you are enough, whether you have anything worth offering.

You do.

Listen up and listen well: You have a voice. You have things to say and we need to hear them. It can be writing a book or writing a song or writing the ABC’s with your child. It might be dancing on a stage or dancing with your husband in the living room.

Whatever “it” is, we need it. We need your stories and your laughs, your songs and your tears.

We need what you have to offer because only you can share it with the world.

Your voice may be quiet but it’s yours and therefore it’s the only one this world has.

These words were originally posted last year, but sometimes I think we just all need the reminder.

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