31 days of posts with only three little words for #write31days

In the beginning. Fight for hope. Brave the stay. Even if not. Why I Sabbath.

Three little words, each hinting at a bigger story.

I’ve looked it up, the verse that introduces the entire Bible. I’ve clicked and searched and read and every version I look at, every single one, starts out the same way:

In the beginning.

Three little words that began a story read more than any other, one that has changed more lives that we’ll ever know on this side of heaven. I can’t help but wonder, though, what stories would spill out with other sets of three.

Last year was my first time joining the Write31Days challenge and my topic was Every Story Matters.

I believe it so fiercely. I am 100% convinced that the story of your days holds value. Your days have weight, no matter what page you find yourself on as you read these words. Our history is really His Story and there we are, circling right back around to In The Beginning.

For the next 31 days I’ll begin with a title of three words – and only three words – and we’ll see what spills out. I think He’s got more to say, and just maybe it all begins with three little words.

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31 days of posts - only three words!