Warning: If you regularly talk about books, people might start to ask about your favorites. So you might add a page on your blog that lists several of them, but you also might write a post of the 10 best books of 2015.

It could happen.

I didn’t read as many books this past year as I normally do (43 this time) and of course they can’t all be included because that’s a bit much, yes? These 10, in no particular order, are my very favorites. I’ve included a short “about” the book (pulled from Amazon) as well as who the book is written for.

The best books of 2015:

by far, the best books of 2015


Every Bitter Thing Is SweetEvery Bitter Things Is Sweet :: Sara Hagerty

About: Hagerty masterfully draws from the narrative of her life to craft a mosaic of a God who leans into broken stories. Readers see a God who is present in every changing circumstance. Most significantly, they see a God who is present in every unchanging circumstance as well.

For: anyone who is walking a bitter, tough road and longs to find hope and God’s healing along the way. Sara’s words are a reassurance that even the most painful places can be full of grace, every road we walk has purpose, and God never ever leaves our side.




The Nesting PlaceThe Nesting Place :: Myquillyn Smith

About: Myquillyn shares the secrets of decorating for real people– it has nothing to do with creating a flawless look to wow your guests. It has everything to do with embracing the natural imperfection and chaos of daily living. There is beauty in the lived-in and loved-on and just-about-used-up, and welcoming that imperfection wholeheartedly just might be the most freeing thing you’ll ever do.

For: anyone who believes perfect is out of style, but still wants to have some style. The pictures are lovely, the design ideas and tips are all practical and yet there is still a bit of whimsy in it all.



Make It HappenMake It Happen :: Lara Casey

About: You were created for a purpose, and it’s time to make it happen. Make It Happen is the story of how Lara surrendered her fear, took the leap, and got a life. In her case, a perfectly imperfect, fulfilling life as a mama, a working woman, and a grateful wife. This is the story of how she chose to make “it”―a greater purpose than her own―happen, and how you can too. Because those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should do them.

For: for the one who is a little bit scared but wants to live on purpose instead of by accident.



home is where my people are book coverHome Is Where My People Are :: Sophie Hudson

About: Ultimately, in our deepest places, we’re really looking to belong and to be known. And what we sometimes miss in our search for the perfect spot to set up camp is that wherever we are on the long and winding road of life, God is at work in the journey, teaching us, shaping us, and refining us―sometimes through the most unlikely people and circumstances.

For: humor and wisdom on the roads that lead us toward the people we end up calling “home.” I cried and I laughed and then I quoted this book in my own book… this is a great, easy read.



Nobody's Cuter Than YouNobody’s Cuter Than You :: Melanie Shankle

About: Nobody’s Cuter than You is a laugh-out-loud look at the special bond that exists between friends and a poignant celebration of all the extraordinary people God had the good sense to bring into our lives at exactly the right moments. From the friendships we develop over a lifetime to the ones that wounded us and the ones that taught us to love better, Melanie writes about the influence our friends have on who we were, who we are, and who we will become.

For: those who need the reminder that friendship and community are not only possible, but they can be real, real good.



For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible StandardsFor the Love :: Jen Hatmaker

About: Best-selling author Jen Hatmaker is convinced life can be lovely and fun and courageous and kind. She reveals (with humor and style) how Jesus’ embarrassing grace is the key to dealing with life’s biggest challenge: people. She writes about everything from wearing leggings as pants as well as how to engage our culture’s controversial issues with a grace-first approach.

For: everyone. This book is hysterical and true, full of grace mixed with humor and truth. In a culture that pulls us every which way, Jen’s words are encouraging and a breath of fresh air.



The Fringe HoursThe Fringe Hours :: Jessica Turner

About: In this practical and liberating book, Jessica empowers women to take back pockets of time they already have in their day. She uses her own experiences and those of women across the country to teach readers how to balance their many responsibilities while still taking time to invest in themselves. She also addresses barriers to this lifestyle, such as comparison and guilt, and demonstrates how eliminating these feelings and making changes to one’s schedule will make the reader a better wife, mother, and friend.

For: anyone who struggles to make time to do the things they love.



Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving WorldSimply Tuesday :: Emily Freeman

About: Jesus lived small moments well, slow moments fully, and all moments free. He lives with us still, on all our ordinary days, creating and redeeming the world both in us and through us, one small moment at a time. It’s time to take back Tuesday, to release our obsession with building a life, and believe in the life Christ is building in us–every day. We can learn to breathe in a breathless world

For: permission to slow down, enjoy your smallness, and see Christ is with you in every moment.



Cold TangerinesCold Tangerines :: Shuana Niequist

About: Cold Tangerines is a collection of stories that celebrate the extraordinary moments hidden in your everyday life. It is about God, and about life, and about the thousands of daily ways in which an awareness of God changes and infuses everything It is both a voice of challenge and song of comfort, calling you upward to the best possible life, and giving you room to breathe, to rest, to break down, and break through

For: anyone who is looking for God in the middle of all their ordinary moments and for learning how to celebrate the extraordinary of everyday life.



Out Of SortsOut of Sorts :: Sarah Bessey

About: In Out of Sorts, Sarah Bessey helps us grapple with core Christian issues using a mixture of beautiful storytelling and biblical teaching, a style well described as “narrative theology.” In the process of gently helping us sort things out, Bessey teaches us how to be as comfortable with uncertainty as we are with solid answers. And as we learn to hold questions in one hand and answers in the other, we discover new depths of faith that will remain secure even through the storms of life.

For: anyone who has questions and doubts and wonderings. So, basically every single one of us.



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