… and tomorrow I’ll still be single.

In fact, I’ve been single every single day of my life thus far. Although it could, I certainly don’t expect that to change tomorrow.

Today I'll say "I do" ... but I'll still be single.

I have dreams and hopes. My heart desires a husband and yet the honest truth of it all is that I am very single. Most days I’m okay with that. Some days, not so much. I’m 23 and yes, a boyfriend would be nice.

I’m realizing, though, that I can practice saying “I’ll do.” It’s just going to look a little bit different than those dreams and hopes and desires… at least for now.

Honestly, I’m too quick to wonder. To doubt. To question. To ask “is this all?”

Today, instead, I’m going to practice saying “all is well.”

I do to trusting God doesn’t make mistakes.

I do to believing His timing is perfect, even when I don’t understand.

I do to clinging to His Word, which calls me His Bride.

I do to showing up for my loved ones who are falling in love.

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I do to rejoicing with those who rejoice and mourning with those who mourn.

I do to committing to tell the whole story, including the in between, instead of just waiting for a ring.

I do to living fully in these days because every story matters, whether or not it holds a chapter titled marriage.

I do to turning to Him when I’m sad. Or lonely. Or frustrated. Or confused.

I do to trusting the unknown of the future to the One I know is writing the pages.

I do to saying I believe God could write a different story with my days but He will still be good and I will still trust Him – even if not.

I want to move from questioning, “is this all?” to proclaiming, “all is well.” Circumstances may not change, but my heart can.

And so today I’ll say “I’ll do.” And tomorrow I’ll still be single.

And God? God will still be so very good.

Some things:

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2. Hands down, the chapter I really. did. not. want. to write. in my book is titled “names & dreams.” It’s this post but more, an honest look at the things I long for, the fact that God is the Giver of these dreams, and the honest truth that I didn’t want to write a book until I had a different last name. And yet, the book releases on February 23rd and I can guarantee I’ll still have this last name. God is writing this story differently than I imagined, but even so I know it is the one I would have chosen. You can learn more about Even If Not: Living, Loving, and Learning in the in Between right here. xoxo.