The weirdest, coolest, craziest, most surreal thing happened this week.

And I promise I’m going to get quiet about all this in just a minute. Pinky promise. I’ll hit post and walk away and stop with all the super-icky self-promotion for a bit because if anyone is over it, it’s me.

But first. Real quick. An entire box — filled with books with my name on the cover — showed up. Oh, and a teensy little thing called Your Book Is Now Available For Preorder On Amazon happened..

No big deal. Nothing to see here. This is totally normal……

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Hello and welcome to the weirdest, coolest day of my life. {Now available for preorder on AMAZON (#what). #evenifnotbook

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There are a bunch of marketing and publishing and random details about it — big words that would take too long to explain so let’s just use three words: preorders are gold.

I won’t get into all the nitty gritty, but they help big time. Like, bigger than a venti at Starbucks. So if you’re going to order the book eventually… would you consider preordering it now?

Fun fact: you won’t be charged until the book releases on the 23rd, you’ll be the very first to receive the book, and you’ll be helping me big time! (Click on the image below to head to Amazon).

The book for the one in the messy, beautiful middle.

I believe in this book because I’m 150% confident it will bring glory to the Father and not to me. I have no problem telling you about it because I believe in it, but I also feel squirmy and uncomfortable talking about myself so we’ll hit pause on book “promotion” for just a bit.

I hope you buy the book, I really hope you do. I believe it will encourage you, challenge you, and open your eyes to see God right in the middle of your story. I believe you’ll reach the final page and find yourself thinking “yeah, maybe my story really does matter.” I believe you will see Him on every page, always faithful and good.

But I also believe that life is meant to be fully lived and I can’t very well do that if I just sit around talking about a book instead of living out the story within. Even if all the marketing experts say I’ve gone cray. (JK. They wouldn’t say “cray.”)

Here’s to living, friends!

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